In these unprecedented and ever changing times we have had to make some difficult business decisions for the protection and safety of both our staff and customers.

The stores will remain CLOSED to the public in both Orillia and Huntsville. We will be taking phone or email orders for pick up at the front door ONLY. We request you place your order 24 HOURS in ADVANCE. You will receive a phone call when your order is ready for pick up. Please do NOT come to the store until you have been advised your order is ready. Email is the preferred method of ordering. You may email Orillia at and Huntsville at . We will not have set store hours and will attend the premises on an as need basis. There will be NOBODY filling orders or taking service calls Sunday and Wednesdays.

Our service technician will be available for mandatory repairs ONLY. We will not be opening any Hot Tubs or Pools for the next 14 days. This date will be re-evaluated as the conditions change. Regular established service will continue from the Huntsville showroom while taking added precautions.

If you have just returned from out of the country, we would ask that you notify the staff. Your honestly is greatly appreciated for the well being of our amazing staff as they are like family to us.

We thank you for your co-operation and patience during this time.