9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Saturday
Sundays CLOSED at BOTH Locations

Only 1 person per Employee will be allowed in the store at any given time. There will be instructions where to line up should it be needed. Each store layout is different there will be different rules for each location for social distancing. Please follow instructions when you arrive at either location. We encourage all customers to wear a mask for our employees’ safety. Water Testing will be available. Access to certain areas of the store will be off limits. If you wish to view Hot Tubs or Pools please contact the correct location to make an appointment.


We encourage ALL service calls be made by email or phone and not in person.


If you are looking for general information or pricing please visit our website or call for information rather then attending either location.


This is a COMPLIMENTARY service for customers who purchase their chemicals at Wavemaker. To avoid disappointment please make sure your water test is at least 500 ml in a clean container and has been circulating for 24 hours. We will require a form to be filled out. We will not be testing water that has been left without the form.


This service has been discontinued indefinitely.


Thank you to all our customers who have been so kind during this trying time. We look forward to seeing you again at a safe distance.