WaveMaker Pool Spa Showroom
Serving Orillia, Huntsville, Muskoka, North Simcoe, and Central Ontario
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WaveMaker Pool Spa Showroom staff includes four Certified Pool/Spa Operators registered with The National Swimming Pool Foundation. Let them analyze the needs of your Commercial Pool and put it on a program of water treatment that ensures safe swimming for your guests. They will also provide expert training for your staff. Many of their commercial customers comment that this service has proven to be invaluable. It eliminates concern about one of the most popular aspects of their business, … the pool!

The last thing an owner of a commercial facility wants is a problem with the pool water. They don’t need the complaints from guests at the front desk, and they certainly don’t need the fear of liability from unsafe water conditions. Having clean, sparkling water is achieved through an outstanding chemical program.

Our state of the art computerized water analysis is not only available at their showroom test labs, but they also have a poolside lab with a portable computer that links your pool’s information to their main terminals.

Excellent circulation and filtration are needed to supplement any chemical system. Our experienced Service Technicians can handle your repairs and upgrades efficiently and promptly.

For the small resort or motel owner wanting a new pool, our personalized service guarantees that your project will be followed through … from drawing the plans and obtaining permits, to final inspections and startup. Renovations and repairs are their specialty. They’ve even done “additions” to existing pools!

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All of our pools are proudly Canadian made.


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Curbside Pick-Up Available: Orillia Location – Monday–Saturday 9-4 | Huntsville Location – Tuesday–Saturday 9-4. Water Testing is available at both locations by leaving the water sample with your name, phone number and mandatory email address, as we will be emailing all results.