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Of all water facilities, Commercial Spa operators must be the most vigilant in order to maintain excellent water quality. Bather safety is extremely important! A superb circulation and filtration system is crucial. Filters work best when the circulation system delivers the water evenly and at a designed flow rate. Pumps, skimming and suction fittings, and return jets must operate in harmony. Filters must be sized properly and constantly cleaned. Our technicians will assure that the coordination of the components are working to maximum efficiency.

Health Board regulations for the design and operation of commercial spas are in the process of being drafted by the Ministry and should become law in the near future. Until that time, it is best to follow their “guidelines” and water chemistry is a central focus of these.

WaveMaker Pool Spa Showroom has all the information and their Water Technicians would be happy to get your spa onto a program of water chemistry that can easily be followed by your staff … or they’ll service the tub regularly themselves. The important issue is … perfectly safe water for your guests!

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All of our spas are proudly Canadian made.


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With the Stay at Home Order in effect there have been changes to our daily operations. Please check with the location you wish to pick up curbside orders from. There is NO water testing at this time. Orders in Orillia: 705-329-1424 or paula@wavemaker.ca Orders in Huntsville: 705-787-0019 or testlab@wavemaker.ca Service: 705-329-1424 (Jenny) or service@wavemaker.ca